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8/6/2019 11:30 PM

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  • For Memorial Day, we extend our thoughts to the bravery of our fallen service members.
  • We believe the best roommates have four legs, which is why we’re proud to be pet friendly!
  • To all the moms and mom-like figures in the world, happy Mother’s Day!
  • Our closets are convenient spaces for storing whatever you’re not using at the moment.
  • Three cheers for our favorite blue planet. Happy Earth Day!
  • Love to cook? Then welcome home! Our kitchens provide all the essential equipment for delicious cooking.
  • Feeling stressed? Take a breather out on your personal patio or balcony!
  • Like what you see and want to know more? Come visit our website!
  • There’s no more ambiguity about it: the calendar says it’s officially spring! 🌷🐝
  • Grab your green garb and a frothy pint — it’s St. Paddy’s Day!
  • Spare the laundry chair! Here you have your very own washer and dryer.
  • Just a friendly reminder to set those clocks forward this weekend for daylight saving time.
  • We can’t wait to floor you with our beautiful wood-style flooring!
  • When you need a moment of solitude, you can always turn to our wonderful bathrooms.
  • The social center of our community is most definitely the clubhouse!



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